Artico Ice Bar



Hi, I’m Lonchas: José’s adventure mate and Artico’s pet.

My life is definitely exciting! I’ve trekked across Lapland extensively, North and South and East and West to its further corners; I’ve sailed across rivers and lakes, climbed mountains, travelled along the long polar night, explored National parks; I’ve even paddled in a canoe and packcraft!

I was always the first to spot Polar bears on our trips to Svalbard – José was just so lucky to have me on permanent watch! Check for adventure pics and videos of me on Artico Ice Bar’s FaceBook site – while I manage to get my own FB profile uploaded.

Just a warning: when you come to visit, don’t dare to call me “a husky” – I am not! I am a purebred Alaskan Malamute. Have you read Jack London’s books? Remember White Fang and the kind? Well, I am one of those: brave and strong and willing to give my life for my master.

See you at Artico!

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