Artico Ice Bar

ARTICO ICE BAR was born for all those looking forward to enjoying natural ice and snow in summer. A way of knowing Nature through pure ice.

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Aiming for excellence, we spend months travelling around in order to find the best, most attractive products at the most competitive prices.

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The topics we teach in Norwegian Polar Academy are essential and accessible for that person who wants to face his challenges and goals. Are you ready?

How is Artico Ice Bar made?



Each block of ice we get from the lakes weighs 800 kg



We use 55 blocks of ice from the lakes of Lapland to build the ICE BAR



4.200 LEDs illuminate the ICE BAR

Artico Polar Academy

Nordkapp Expedition

Experience the arctic in a stunning expedition to Nordkapp. Spend the night in our polar base camp. This unique experience is for everyone.

Ice Bar is closed but Christmas House is open