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Do you want to practice and gain experience with us?

Those TOURISM students wishing to get a number of international practice hours with us, or willing to spend their Leonardo/Erasmus training stage here, may ask for requirements and recruiting conditions at their studying centre (or either, ask us over email at

Internships are available in the first place for those studying at Tourism Schools/Universities with a collaboration agreement signed with Artico Ice bar.

If your studying centre lacks such agreement but still you want to work with us, feel free to contact us at and tell us about it.


  • Join-in deadline: May- check the day (one of the interns will start in February).
  • Internship ending date: Aprox. September 8th (one of the interns may remain at work until October 1st.)
  • Available posts per season: 10.

NOTE: Some of interns could be offered to join the company after their practise training period.

We’re looking forward to working with you!.

Photo and video gallery

Video about stagieres’ experience during their internship at Artico Ice Bar

Laura Muñoz
EU Mediterrani Barcelona
Anna Charles
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Xindi Wong
CETT Barcelona
Jana Gairi
EU Mediterrani Barcelona
Jose Legaz
Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Judith Perello
EU Mediterrani Barcelona
Maria Garcia Torrento
CETT Barcelona
Marina Peleato
Escuela San Ignasi Barcelona
Nuria Guitart
CETT Barcelona
Sofia Micaela Mateos
CETT Barcelona
Chaymae El Moussaoui
EU Mediterrani Barcelona
Minjie Xu
Universidad Alcala de Henares
Anna Siñol
CETT Universidad de Barcelona
Alex Nebot
Universidad Miguel Hernandez
Eva Rios
CETT Universidad de Barcelona
Lluis Santamarta
CETT Barcelona
Cuestiones practicas:
reciclaje, la casa, las compras, etc
Verano de practicas
Verano de practicas
Verano de practicas

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