Artico Shop

Artico Shop features a 250m2 shop

Artico Shop

Aiming for excellence, we spend months travelling around in order to find the best, most attractive products at the most competitive prices.

It’s all about the Arctic at ARTICO SHOP a great selection of items representing the local fauna, books, silver craft, Nordic design, warm clothes, pictures and postcards, presents for kids, decoration items and a wide range of Christmas decorations from Scandinavian suppliers. It’s a nicely supplied shop set in a beautiful wooden building by the sea.

Specialized media has unanimously considered ARTICO ICE BAR shop as the best in Norwegian Lapland. Moreover, our costumers ensure it’s the best they’ve found along their trips across Norway.

  • Tax Free
  • Credit cards, Norwegian kroner, Euros (coins too) are accepted.
  • Disabled access.


Ice Bar is closed but Christmas House is open