Artico Ice Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Because ARTICO ICE BAR is much more than a solid ice construction.

ARTICO ICE BAR is indeed an Arctic Experience. It is the place to discover ice and touch all different kinds of natural ice, watch Arctic images on a snow and ice screen, get inside a real-size igloo, sit on soft reindeer hides and, most of all, admire and enjoy the impressive beauty of natural ice.

When we opened up back in 2004, there was only another similar construction – in Sweden, smaller and following a different concept. Since then, several ice-built facilities have popped up around the world.

  1. We must remind, ours is an ice construction designed to be enjoyed in summer, indoors. It is something else.
  2. As you know, ARTICO ICE BAR is not just an “exotic”, “different” or “cool” place to have a drink. Ours is a place to discover, share and enjoy the Arctic Ice. It is a place to make oneself comfortable inside an igloo, to relax sitting on smooth reindeer hides, to watch images on a snow screen, etc. Artico intends to show the Arctic’s ice while in the Arctic: Nature in its purest state. Artico’s visitors get more than fun and an entertaining time – they also discover fascinating facets of natural ice.
  3. ARTICO ICE BAR is Europe’s only ice place indoors, with not only ice but also snow to enjoy – in full summer season!
  4. It is far from a snobbish spot only meant to hold private, corporate events. We work for and welcome everybody, from celebrities to John Does, groups and individuals, elder, children, friends, families, etc. There is no dress-code or VIP treatment for particular customers. Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy.

How to spot a genuine Ice Bar from “fake” ice places?
Only those who have visited some of these places can have an educated opinion. However, we may give you some clues… Take into account where the ice comes from (natural ice or industrially frozen water), the place’s size, the ice-blocks’ size and amount, design solutions to hide refrigeration systems, customer service and staff’s dedication, amount of ice available, decoration, type and quality of drinks served (don’t have a drink poured from an unlabelled plastic bottle!), state and hygiene in the warm jackets and/or gloves provided (in fact, at ARTICO ICE BAR we don’t provide gloves due to hygienic reasons), state of the ice and furniture (beware holes in the ice, proving it is not often changed and taken care of), etc.

We strongly advice you not to waste your time and money, and make sure you choose a worthy experience.
Not everything goes!

As you know, we started up back in 2004 where there was just one more Ice bar in Europe (located in Sweden). Some more have opened up since then: several belong to the original Swedish company as franchises; some others are owned - and heavily sponsored- by private companies.

Artico Ice Bar is the Europe’s only private, totally independent and self-supported ice premises. Willing to keep ourselves independent and free, inside our place visitors will find design, but no advertising banners. There are currently some other ice bars using a name very similar to ours – they hold absolutely no connection with us.

Remember: don’t let yourself be fooled by others currently trying to use our image, concept and ideas: THERE IS ONLY ONE ARTICO ICE BAR, located on the northernmost tip of Europe, near North Cape. It is there, because we want to show the Arctic ice right where it flows – in the Arctic.

We own no other bars in Europe and we don’t intend to open any – for now, at least.

  1. Because we want to show ice in all its purity, with no artifices.

  2. Because hand-made (not mould-cast) sculptures are delicate and easily damaged if touched – which goes against ARTICO ICE BAR’s philosophy: touching ice is not only permitted, but eagerly encouraged. Touching is the only way to really feel the ice.

  3. Because most ice-sculptures in indoors bars are made out of “machine”, artificial ice. All the ice in ARTICO ICE BAR is natural ice from Lapland lakes. Pure. We only show what Nature itself does.

Remember that most ice sculptures on display (and, in some cases, on sale) are made out of a mould, and thus are as worthless as frozen tap water.

We do that, because we intend to show ice in a perfect state – at any time. Ice could actually be kept rather well in the cold chamber between seasons. “Rather well” is not enough for us at ARTICO ICE BAR though. For that reason, we are happy to face high expenses every year on ice’s extraction, transport, artists, machinery, etc. We do all that it takes, in order to offer only the best.

Those visiting us for two consecutive years will find a similar design, but carved out of different ice.


ARTICO ICE BAR is not a bar, but an Arctic experience that the kids will enjoy the most while they learn.

Also, children will enjoy a special fare (Aver horarios y precios).

Not necessarily.

ARTICO ICE BAR is designed for anyone to move around without risk: kids, adults, elders, people in a wheel-chair, etc. Half of the bar’s floor is made of special, non-slip concrete, while the other half is snow and ice. Logically, visitors may watch their step when walking on ice/snow surface areas.

So – choose your favourite surface to walk on; it’s up to you.

Average temperature inside the bar is -5ºC (23F).

You’ll be provided with an “Arctic cloak (poncho)” at the entrance, in order to better stand the inside’s Arctic “winter” conditions. Visitors are however suggested to bring along warm clothes, in order to enjoy the most of the place. In fact, outside temperatures range around 11ºC (52F) so that you may be wearing warm clothes anyway. Sandals and shorts might not be the best choice for the day – obviously.

At ARTICO ICE BAR we don’t provide our guests with gloves, for two reasons:

  • Due to hygienic issues.
  • Because we want you to feel the ice, which can only be done with bare hands.

However, people particularly sensitive to cold may want to bring along their own gloves – or purchase them in our shop at a reasonable price.

  1. Because it is considered the best of its kind in northern Norway, due to its decoration, ambience, location and product selection.
  2. Because we keep tight prices.
  3. Because we don’t sell the typical touristy souvenirs. Most of our products are instead closely related to Arctic’s landscapes and wildlife (check shop’s pictures in the image galleries
  4. Because all items on display have been carefully selected, and most of them are unavailable on any other gift shop in Norway. Our shop is “the country’s best,” according to customers.
  5. Because honest advice is granted. The shop’s staff gets no commission on sales, so be sure you’ll take what you want/need, not what you’re "sold".
  6. Because we neither give commission to those recommending our shop – in the end, customers always end up paying for that “gratitude cash” given to someone else.
  7. Because Euro currency is accepted (coins as well). Change is given in Euros too - always at the best possible exchange rate.
  8. Because there is no pressure to buy, no one will be disturbed by anxious staff members trying to sell whatever you look at. Just hang around as long as you feel up to, look at our photo-exhibitions, enjoy the music, check every item, relax with the sea views… and leave empty-handed if you wish.
  9. Because buying souvenirs in Norway without spending a fortune is possible – at ARTICO ICE BAR. There are presents from 1€ available.


See you at ARTICO ICE BAR !!

Ice Bar is closed but Christmas House is open